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10 Ways to Avoid Spam and Keep Your Mail Fresh

It’s easy to get spam. It seems like every email you open is another offer for a product or service that you don’t want, and the worst part is that spam has become more sophisticated in recent years. But there are some things you can do to avoid it! In this blog post, we’ll go over 10 tips that will help keep your Anmelden mail fresh and free from spam messages.

Avoid Spam and Keep Your


10 Tips to Avoid Spam In Your Mail

1) Turn off the “Update” button on your web browser – So many people fail to realize just how much data they’re giving away when they click an update button, which means their inboxes are bombarded with even more ads than before! To stop these unwanted emails, make sure the “update” tabs are turned off.

2) Keep your email address private – Another thing you can do to avoid spam is to make sure that your inbox isn’t easily accessible. You may want people to be able to find it, but in addition to the ads, there are many other scams where hackers will pretend they’re someone else and try and get financial information from you!

3) Add the sender to your contacts – If you’ve had some previous experience with a company and they email you again, adding them as a contact will make sure that their emails don’t disappear into spam!

4) Use a strong password – It’s important to make sure that your email account is as secure as possible. One way you can do this is by using a complex and unique password for it!

5) Use filters – Filters can be very helpful in getting rid of the spam that you may have missed. This way, when new emails come in, your inbox will only show messages from legitimate senders!

6) Change your password often – You don’t want to be one of those people with a really old and easy-to-hack password. It’s best if you change it every couple of months, or even more often than that!

7) Report spam – You can report spam by pressing “report as spam” and including a reason why you think it should be classified.

8) Check your junk folder – You may want to check in there sometimes just in case you missed an email.

9) Don’t click on links – If you’re contacted by someone and they ask for personal information or money, don’t give it to them!

10) Turn off notifications – This one is going to be up for debate, but the argument against it is that it means you won’t know when an email comes in. If you always check your inbox every day anyway, turning them off will help keep spam from following into your email!

Conclusion: The best way to avoid getting spammed is to take some precautions before you start receiving emails! Do your research into the company, make sure that they’re someone trustworthy who won’t email you again with another offer, and make sure that you keep your email address private.


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