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How To See Your Hidden Emails In Hotmail

If you’re an email user, it’s likely that you fell victim to a phishing scam. Phishing scams are purposeful attempts to steal your personal information by impersonating someone from whom you would ordinarily trust–perhaps your bank or even the hotmail support team! In order to help keep yourself safe and protect your data, make sure that you’re using a current and updated browser when signing on to hotmail and other email accounts. In order to see your hidden emails in Hotmail, you have to make sure that your Spam folder is empty and that you have faced the Settings menu. If you don’t have these two things set up, it won’t be easy for you to find the hidden emails.

How To See Your Hidden Emails In Hotmail

How do I find my hidden emails in Hotmail?

If you have a Hotmail account, there is a chance that your email inbox may be cluttered. You may have hidden emails in this account as well. If you want to find out how to see these hidden emails, please follow the simple steps below: You can use the “dig deeper” option located under the settings tab. This will show you the root folder of your account and give you a chance to review your hidden messages and attachments If you’re wondering how to find your hidden emails in Hotmail, there are a few quick and easy steps that you can follow. One of the easiest ways to do so is by using the search bar within Hotmail. Another way to find them is by going into your Mail Settings and checking for any sort of “hidden messages.”

Make sure that you are using an update browser.

If you don’t update your browser to the latest version, you may not be able to see your hidden emails in Hotmail. If you are receiving a notification that your password has been changed, make sure that the email address is still valid and not on a list of invalid email addresses. Once this is confirmed, go back into Hotmail and log in with the same password. If you have a recent version of Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, then you’ll have the option to see your most recent emails in the taskbar.

Clear cache and cookies.

When searching for a particular email in Hotmail, you may find that the message is not there. This happens because when an email is deleted from your inbox, it is still in cache or cookie files on your computer. These files only clear if you manually delete them, so the easiest way to see these emails again is to clear your cache and cookies. Sometimes, when you open a webpage and keep getting redirected to the same one, it’s because your cache is full of old information. Instead of deleting your cache or refreshing the page, clear cookies and cache on your computer so that the website loads anew.

Delete browsing history and temporary internet files.

If you’re having problems with seeing your emails in Hotmail, there may be an issue with deleting browsing history and temporary internet files. You can delete these files by going to “Help” then “Delete browsing history and temporary internet files” in Windows. Unfortunately, Hotmail doesn’t let you see the browsing history of your email. This means that people can sneak into your account without your knowledge. You can increase your privacy and security by deleting the browsing history and temporary internet files in

Launch a new browser to check

To see the hidden emails, you’ll need to launch a new browser. On personal computers, Windows users can open Hotmail in Edge and Internet Explorer 11. Mac users can open it in Safari or Firefox. Linux users can use either Firefox or Chrome to see the hidden emails. Open up your email account and you’ll see a new browser tab on the left side. If you click on the new tab, it’ll bring up all of your hidden emails for each folder in your inbox. It’s a little easier to get to with Gmail because there’s an option that doesn’t require you to activate this feature, but it’s still worth checking out. Microsoft offers a new feature in its latest browser, Edge, that allows users to easily see any and all of the emails they have ever had in Hotmail, no matter where they are stored. Microsoft highlights this feature as an easy way to find lost emails or take back any personal information that may have been stolen.


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