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How to Secure your Outlook Account | Hotmail Security Guide

Are you an outlook user and Looking for some suggestion that guides you in enhancing your account security. Then you are in the right place. Here, we tried to provides you some selected and best suggestions.

Suggestions to Make your Outlook Account Secure

Are you an outlook and the gmail inlog user Looking for some suggestion that guides you in enhancing your account security. Then you are in the right place. Here, we tried to provides you some selected and best suggestions.

  • Keep your device up-to-date :

Keeping your operating system version up to date is the key step to keep your account secure.
As updates make security and performance of a device more efficient. Many of the operating systems provide regular updates without charging a single penny. You should enable the auto-update to get access to quick updates.

  • Use trusted antivirus :

Antivirus helps you in scanning all your email messages and safeguard your device against viruses. Hence, always use a trusted one. To keep yourself protected from unfavorable situations.

  • Use password/Pin for your login device:

Adding a password or a pin code to your device is also a good idea to protect your account. This suggestion is most suitable for those devices that are located in a public place like the office. But you must make sure that the pin or password would be a difficult one to crack.

Suggestions for Email

  • Always use a strong and different password :

This is the first suggestion you will always find in the account security list. A password is a gateway to enter in your account. And slight laziness in creating an account will make you a prey of hackers malpractices. Therefore, make your password strong and non-identical to your other account passwords.

  • Add a mobile number :

Adding a mobile number is also a clever move in this respect. An additional mobile number will help you in the recovery of your email account in case if your account is hacked by the hacker. You will receive a verification code on your mobile number that will help you in recovering your account.

  • Use 2 step verification:

Two-step verification is the most common and trusted nowadays. If you enable this feature then, along with a password an additional code is also required that is always sent to your email or a phone number provided at the time of creating an account. Therefore, even if your details have been cracked by any person. LOGIN in your account won’t be impossible.

  • Verify login URL before login and email addresses before accessing :

Rarely people pay attention to the status of URL and fill their credentials. So, it is worth noticing a URL before moving further. For this purpose, you can visit the official home page.
And for emails pay attention to badge color.

  • Green is for a trusted/secured sender.
  • Red is for phishing/frauds.
  • Yellow is for spams.

Some Additional Suggestions | Hotmail

  • Never reply to an email asking for details :

We receive multiple emails in a day some ask for verification or some require us to fill some details (this may be for initiation of any process requested by us or transactions ) all of them are not phishing scams. But amongst them, few can be. So, before replying verifying the details by visiting the official website or by confirming details from customer care executives.

  • Make erasing history your habit:

It is very uncommon that people erase browsing history after use Anmelden. This little carelessness can damage you a lot. As anyone can trace your details by reviewing your browsing history. Thus, removing them can be a smart move in safeguarding your account.

  • Make regular changes in passwords and recovery information:

Changing passwords and recovery information daily is also a very trusted suggestion to secure your email account. Even if your details are cracked your regular changes prevent them from gaining any advantage.

  • Be careful while giving the login details of your Gmail Posteingang Anmelden account:

Avoid giving details to any other person. As no one will ask you for your credentials details generally. Even if you are asked than first verify the source than take any other step.


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